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Wedding Ceremony

A Christian wedding ceremony is an act of worship. It is a sacred event in which a man and a woman express the depths of their commitment to one another and to God.

A religious celebration of marriage is different than a civil ceremony even when many of the words are the same. Your decision to be married in the church is an indication of your desire to recognize divine spirit within your life, and to rely on that spirit for guidance and strength throughout your lives.

The service represents a covenant with God and the community in which the couple lives. It is a covenant in which the couple commits themselves to strive to grow in the strength of their love; live in ways which express God’s love to others; nurture children in faithful maturing and enhance the social fabric by the existence of this new family.

Greenfield Christian Church places great value upon each wedding that is held in its building. The congregation desires that each wedding be planned and conducted to enhance the spiritual significance of the occasion. The information included in this brochure is intended to assist in the planning of your wedding. Specific details of your wedding are made in conversation with the minister.

The church desires and prays that every wedding will lead to a successful and life-long marriage. All relationships, including marriage, require a commitment of time, interest, energy, and work in order to be healthy and fulfilling. For this reason, anyone married by the minister of Greenfield Christian Church is required to meet with the minister for several pre-marital counseling sessions. It is important; therefore, that you schedule your wedding far enough in advance to allow time for these sessions.

Scheduling Ceremony

The minister or the Facilities Coordinator can tell you if the date you prefer is available for your wedding. Scheduling is on a first come, first served basis with the exception that confirmation for wedding dates for non-members will be made no more than five (5) months in advance.

Scheduling of the Fellowship Hall for receptions is done by the Facilities Coordinator.

Appointments for pre-marital counseling should be made at least six (6) weeks prior to the wedding date.

Wedding dates should not be announced or invitations printed before arrangements are confirmed by the minister and Facilities Coordinator.


It is usual that the minister of Greenfield Christian Church will officiate at weddings in the church. If the couple wishes another minister to participate in the service, this should be discussed with the senior minister of Greenfield Christian Church.

It is understood that on those occasions when brothers and sisters in Christ from other congregations wish to use the Greenfield Christian Church facility because of its size or location, and the date is available, the minister of the couple being married will officiate at the ceremony.

Because the pipe organ and grand piano are valuable instruments and could be damaged by improper use, only the staff musicians of Greenfield Christian Church or those pre-approved by those musicians will be allowed to play them.


Decorating the worship center is part of the planning and beauty of most weddings. You are welcome to decorate the church to your color scheme and taste. Consult the minister about any restrictions or limitations that may apply to your decorating plan.

Two (2) flower urns are available for your use. The inserts should be taken out of the building only by the florist. Should you desire, and if the timing is right, arrangements may be made to be part of the church’s Sunday flower schedule. The Flower Calendar is located in the Annex, and Beautiful Beginnings is the church’s florist. If such arrangements are made, you will use the flowers for your wedding and the congregation will enjoy them during Sunday worship.

No nails, tacks, staples, or tape may be used to attach decorations to the pews or walls of the building. Flowers are not to be placed on the Communion Table except for those associated with a Unity Candle.

Decorations used by the congregation during Advent, Lent, and other special seasons are not to be moved or removed for weddings. Please check with the minister or Facilities Coordinator before you plan you decorations to see if any special decorations will be in the worship center on your wedding date.

All decorations, with the exception of floral arrangements for use on Sunday, are to be removed from the church the day of the wedding

Aisle Runner and Kneeling Bench

The church does not furnish aisle runners. If you plan to use an aisle runner, please make arrangements with your florist. Runners need to be about 55 feet long.

**The church does provide a kneeling bench.


You may use the church’s candelabra and the candles on the Communion Table. The only cost is for candle inserts which the church provides. Should you decide to use candelabra and candles provided by your florist, drip cloths must be placed under them to protect the carpet.

The music you choose for your wedding can be a great help in creating a meaningful, joyous and celebrative event. The wedding service is a worship service and the music, to be effective, needs to enhance the flow of worship.Please consult with the minister and organist/pianist about your music choices.


In order to limit distractions as much as possible, no flash pictures are to be taken during the service. Pictures may be taken of the processional and recessional. While pictures without flash can be taken from the rear with little distraction, better pictures are likely if posed after the service.

Video taping from a fixed position and without extra lights may be arranged in consultation with the minister. The staff Media Technician, if contracted, can video tape the front of the worship center using the church's built-in video system.


You are welcome to consider holding your wedding reception in the church’s Fellowship Hall. A copy of the Contract For Use of Fellowship Hall, which includes a list of guidelines and a breakdown of fees, is available from the Facilities Coordinator or church office upon request. Reservations for use of Fellowship Hall may be made through the Facilities Coordinator.

Catering Services

The Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF) offers catering for some weddings. For more information about catering, contact the church secretary who will put you in touch with the appropriate contact.


Marriage licenses are issued by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county of one of the couple. It is valid for 60 days. The license must be completed by the officiating minister and returned to the issuing clerk. To facilitate the completion of the license, couples are encouraged to bring the license to the minister several days before the wedding. The license must be brought to the minister no later than the rehearsal.

Alcoholic beverages, smoking, and illegal chemical substances are not permitted at any time on the church premises.

Due to the environmental and safety hazards involved, the throwing of rice, confetti, or birdseed is not permitted anywhere on the church premises – inside or out.




Use of Sanctuary

(includes dressing rooms)




Fellowship Hall

(for Reception)






Security Deposit






*Minister **






* Organist












*Facilities Coordinator






*Media Technician


















Private wedding

10 people or less, no rehearsal,music,decorations,or need for custodial services

 $50                    $50





*Minister **